Nightly News   |  March 18, 2013

‘Spring will have to wait awhile’

Millions are under a winter weather advisory as severe storms charge through the South and bring snow to parts of the Great Plains and into the Northeast. Weather Channel meteorologist Eric Fisher reports.

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>>> weather is making news across parts of our country tonight. here we are, 48 hours before the arrival of spring officially. people have had it with winter. you can't blame them, however, more of it is on the move tonight. eric fisher with us tonight. eric, good evening.

>> good evening, brian. a three-part storm we're tracking right now. we have a storm in the upper northwest, another one in the northeast. you can see them charging across mississippi, alabama and georgia. weather channel headquarters in atlanta under a tornado warning a short while ago. baseball-sized hail. we've also heard of windshields that have been broken with that hail in atlanta. 3900 americans this evening under some sort of winter weather advisory or warning. 19 different states included in all that. we're tracking snow out of the midwest and scenes from there. we had some heavy snow, lots of wind blowing around places like fargo, north dakota and rochester, minnesota. not the huge totals but the very low visibility that makes life extremely difficult. that area a little bit more on the move. the energy here transfers to the coast tonight and into tomorrow. new york will see some snowflak snowflakes, then it changes over to rain. boston you see about a half foot of snow. some of the higher elevations in the northeast over a foot. brian, after this, it is all cold. spring will have to wait a while.

>> the national weather headquarters for a time under a tornado warning today. eric, thanks.