Nightly News   |  March 21, 2013

Fargo gets flood warning

The National Weather Service has told the folks along the Red River in Fargo, N.D., and the surrounding area to prepare for perhaps one of the top five floods in that city's history. Weather Channel’s Chris Warren reports.

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>>> the national weather service has told those along the red river in fargo , north dakota , to prepare for perhaps one of the top five floods in the city's history. they're worried about the rapid thaw beneath spring rains. flood stage is 18 feet. they're worried upwards of 36 feet of water. and on the opposite side of the spectrum, there is no relief in sight this spring for much of the country suffering through a devastating and lasting drought. weather channel meteorologist chris warren is with us tonight for a look at all of it. chris, good evening.

>> reporter: good evening to you, too, brian. in some areas not only is it bad right now but expected to get worse. as far as the drought is concerned, let's take a look at noaa's forecast released today showing the growing drought areas expected to remain dry. this is the spring forecast, april, may, and june. much of the west staying dry. with that expecting to see ongoing and possibly intensifying drought throughout parts of the southwest and many western states . some improvement is likely but that is a look at the areas in green there to the north where it has been near record cold, so there's late season snow on the ground and with a wet spring could mean areas in purple here, north dakota and minnesota, seeing major flooding this spring. now we're looking at potentially seeing one of the top five floods in their history along the red river , in fargo and moorhead. so the national weather service says get ready for that. we could see scenes once again like we have seen over the past few years, the flooding. since 2009 they have seen three major floods and it was in a row. did get a break last year. since then they have built in fargo 20 levees and, brian, they have more than a million sandbags they expect to have ready to go for this season.

>> an eerie period there as they prepare for the worst. thank you, chris, for reporting for us tonight from weather channel headquarters.