Nightly News   |  March 22, 2013

White supremacist eyed in Colorado killing

Investigators are looking into whether a paroled white supremacist may have killed a pizza delivery man and gunned down the top prisons official in Colorado before he led Texas authorities on a wild chase and shootout. NBC's Kristen Dahlgren reports.

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>>> good evening. the initial news was awful. a colorado state official, a member of the governor's cabinet as head of corrections assassinated when he came to the door of his own home. since then the story has gotten worse starting with word on the suspect and tonight ties to a known hate group in this country. they have been talked about and their actions have been tracked in recent years but they haven't been in the news like this for some time. now it includes a possible tie to another killing. nbc's kristen dahlgren in monument, colorado . kristen , good evening.

>> reporter: good evening, brian. the suspect in yesterday's texas shootout has now died from his injuries. we do know his name as well as a possible link to a white supremacist group and a search warrant obtained by nbc news tonight has growing evidence of links to two murders here in colorado . it was a dramatic high speed chase and gun fight, captured on a cell phone. a driver firing wildly at texas deputies, striking one before a fiery crash and shootout. the wreckage was a black cadillac with mismatched colorado plates. the type of car being sought in the brazen murder of tom clements , colorado 's top prison official.

>> we hope that information coming out of texas might be positive for us once the investigators have time to complete their work.

>>> the gunman was identified as 28-year-old evan spencer ebel . a colorado parolee with a lengthy rap sheet and known ties to a violent white supremacist group called the 211 crew. an organization that tracks hate groups says members are in it forever.

>> this is one of the more vicious white supremacist prison gangs in the country.

>> reporter: officials are waiting to release results of the forensic investigation.

>> we'll also come up from texas and try to figure out why he was here, what his relationship with a gang or anything.

>> reporter: but shell casings match the brand and caliber used in clements's murder. denver police say there is a strong indication ebel may have been involved in the murder of 27-year-old pizza delivery man nathan leon in golden, colorado , on sunday. his family has been struggling to figure out why anyone would kill the father of three.

>> what a good husband and father he was. so, please, help us find who did this to my brother-in-law so we can have justice. please.

>> reporter: evidence in ebel 's car includes a domino's pizza uniform and carrier. officials here in colorado say they are following leads here. they are not letting their guard down just in case. tonight security remains high for some colorado officials.

>> kristen dahlgren out of monument colorado tonight. thanks.