Nightly News   |  March 23, 2013

Snow, rain moving east

Weather Channel’s Todd Santos joins Lester Holt with more on the approaching winter storm.

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>> we turn now to weather channel meteorologist todd santos who is tracking this storm at another area of severe weather . todd , good evening.

>> good evening to you, lester. one thing about colorado, of course, i-25 runs right along the edge of the front range . you have winds east to northeast into it. totals upward of 9 inches in denver south now for denver starting to wind down as the system pushes off toward the east as you mentioned earlier right along the i-70 corridor. there are two sides to the storm. part of it is the snow and that's really just starting to switch over in kansas city and that will eventually travel into the northern ohio valley . but also the severe side of things down here across the south. that's where i want to take you right now as we do have the front tonight. we have at least had some reports already through northern florida of hail up to the size of baseballs. take some of the serious let's say severe thunderstorm warnings again take them seriously i should say. also, though, still a threat for even some isolated tornadoes across southwest georgia the panhandle of florida and southern alabama and that's for tonight. so, again, make sure, as you go to bed you have a way to get your warnings during the overnight hours. tomorrow you see that rain and snow tracking off towards the east a little farther and as far as the snowfall amounts we'll see a number of pongates up to even 12 inches through a good stretch of portions of illinois, the ohio valley which you can see behind me there as i mention it's kind of winding down across colorado, the south and eventually skips over towards the northeast and that's really on monday and that's the mid- atlantic corridor and we'll talk more about that situation again, lester, this is going to be one of those forecasts we're going to have to follow very closely. it's a good that a lot of these kids have spring break there. at least in new york.

>> sounds like you've got your hands full for you there, todd .