Nightly News   |  March 23, 2013

Evidence mounts in Colo. killing probe

The evidence appears to be mounting that a Colorado prison parolee, killed in a shootout this week in Texas, may have been involved in the brazen murder of the head of Colorado’s prison system. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports.

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>>> back in this country the evidence appears to be mounting that a colorado prison parolee killed in a shoot-out this week in texas may have been involved in the brazen murder of a head of colorado 's prison system . nbc's kristen dahlgren is in colorado tonight where police are quickly connecting the dots.

>> reporter: in the wreckage of that texas car chase , authorities have recovered what may be critical evidence.

>> if we can link the weapon that we used in texas to the weapon used here in colorado , that would be a big step forward in our investigation.

>> reporter: the car colorado parolee evan ebel was driving matches the description of a car seen outside colorado prison chief tom clements ' home and near the murder of a denver pizza deliveryman. now a search warrant for the car obtained by nbc news lists hornady 9 millimeter shell casings as the same brand and caliber used in clemts' murder. and a domino's pizza shirt or jacket in close proximity to the pizza carrier.

>> those things would be considered very strong in terms of helping authorities determine, do they have the right person.

>> reporter: investigators are also looking at ebel 's associates in prison. an organization that tracks hate groups called colorado prison gangs the 2-11 crew one of the most vicious with a far reach.

>> we very often see the leaders of these gangs in prison or doing hilts on people outside of the prisons.

>> reporter: on ongoing search for answers as the state gets set to say good-bye to one of its top public officials in an memorial for tom clements on monday. now colorado prisons remain on lockdown tonight, lester. officials here hope to get those test results back early next week. meantime, evan ebel 's father is a well-known lawyer here in colorado , even friends with the governor. we spoke to a source close to the family who says he is absolutely devastated by all of this.

>> kristen, thank you.