Nightly News   |  March 24, 2013

Where the storm goes now

Todd Santos joins Lester Holt to discuss where the early spring storm goes from here.

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>>> we continue to track this big storm. turn now to weather channel meteorologist todd santos. good evening.

>> good evening, lester. it is really a long haul trucker of storms. tracking right along i-70 and a good stretch of this area dealing with decent snowfall totals. a number of areas you're dealing with rain to the south, snow to the north. st. louis anywhere between 6 and 10 inches worth of snow. we have had the severe weather threat today. it will be diminishing as we get into overnight hours. there are a few areas still central portions of florida that could still see hail, maybe wind producing storms. maybe isolate tornado in kentucky, eastern tennessee also a chance for a few thunderstorms in the area. the snow side of things is taking over going into monday. here's a look at it. a lot of the energy starts to transition off along the coastline. d.c., philly, up towards new york, a number of areas will be fighting with very marginal conditions as far as temperatures are concerned to get some of of these type of snowfall numbers. places like new york city , 47 degrees today for your daytime high. it will take a lot to get the snow to accumulate with the higher sun angle. a slushy one to maybe three inches in the daytime monday. evening hours may have a chance forrite accumulation.