Nightly News   |  March 31, 2013

Pope brings new style to Easter Mass

Pope Francis delivers his first Easter Mass as the leader of the Catholic Church on Sunday. NBC's Duncan Golestani reports.

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>>> at the vatican today, the new pope brought his new style to the traditional easter sunday mass with the broad appeal for peace before he went out and met the faithful once again.

>> reporter: they came by the thousands. a culture of a million as pope francis delivered his first easter mass to hear a message calling for peace. he appealed for peace between israelis and palestinians, for the refugees fleeing the war in syria and making reference to what could be the next big conflicts. he called for reconciliation between north and south korea.

>> we wanted to come to get the blessing from the pope and to feel the love and community here today and that's what we did. we're hoping that this will be a new sign for world peace .

>> reporter: pope francis also urged the people to be good stewards of nature showing their concern for the environment that's already become a cornerstone of his pontificate.

>> pope francis delivered the mass in his now traditional style. it was short, simple and somber. once again it touched the hearts of the thousands of people who came here to see him by getting off the pope mobile to go and kiss a disabled man in the crowd. it is an informal star that is proving popular. paying his hotel bill after becoming pope. choosing a simple apartment over the grand papal residence and today accepting a soccer jersey from his favorite team. but the reviews are not universally positive. traditionalist catholics , those who advocate to return to prevatica prevaticans noted the changing direction from the pope's predecessor benedict xvi . so far the changes have been massed of style, not doctrine. vatican watchers are now waiting to see how pope francis tackles the many pressing issues facing the catholic church . nbc news, london.