Nightly News   |  March 31, 2013

North Korea rhetoric continues to have world on edge

NBC's Ian Williams reports on the latest tensions emanating from North Korea.

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>>> as you heard, the pope singled out north and south korea in his prayers today. with good reason there, tensions there escalating. the two countries were said to be in a " state of war ." ian williams continues to follow all of this for us from south korea tonight.

>> reporter: you know, peter, a strange thing happened today. there were no new blood kurtling threats from the young north korean leader. until now the violent rhetoric threatening death and destruction on south korea and the u.s. has been ratcheted up on an almost daily basis. perhaps kim jong -un has run out of things to see or the leader is taking heat over growing international alarm. only yesterday the north warned that the korean peninsula had entered what it called a state of war . for the first time since he took over from his father, kim today chaired a meeting of the central committee of the ruling workers party . the start of the spring session of the rubber stamp assembly. it's the clause nuclear weapons are "the nature's life" that won't be given up on. if the recent rhetoric is all about kim consolidating his reputation at home, expect the young leer to be greeted by the party as a conquering hero and then perhaps just a lowering of that rhetoric.