Nightly News   |  March 31, 2013

MLB's Opening Day

The 2013 MLB season kicks off tonight with the Houston Astros taking on the Texas Rangers, NBC's Peter Alexander reports.

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>>> it's one of the most famous and widely imitated sketches in the history of comedy.

>> now on the st. louis team we have who's on first, what's on second, i don't know's on third.

>> that's what i'm trying you find out.

>> i'm telling you, who's playing first. fellow playing first base in who.

>> who's on first.

>> why are you asking me?

>> i'm not asking you. i'm telling you who's on first.

>> a recent re-enactment of the routine first performed by abbott and costello on the radio 75 years ago this month. that's a fitting tribute on this the opening day of the 2013 baseball season. tonight in houston the astros take on the texas rangers and the first game of the new season. the astros seen here taking batting practice. bp on friday. for those keeping score at home, the astros moved this season from the national to the american league .