Nightly News   |  April 01, 2013

Caroline Kennedy likely to serve as ambassador to Japan

Reports have surfaced that Caroline Kennedy is being vetted for appointment as a U.S. ambassador to Japan, a choice that would reportedly be well-received in Tokyo because of Kennedy’s high visibility. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports.

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>>> while the white house is cautioning nothing is final, no formal nomination has been made car line kennedy is being vetted for u.s. ambassador to japan . just hearing that was enough to cause americans of a certain age to reflect today on a life lived largely in the public eye . our report tonight from nbc's andrea mitchell .

>> reporter: the world first met her as a 3-year-old in a storybook white house . a toddler interrupting her father in the oval office . with her brother and their picture perfect parents the first family became ambassadors to the worl. until her childhood was interrupted by tragedy, forever reminding us of heartbreak. like her mother, intensely private, caroline was still a kennedy . the question of her role became inevitable.

>> has the torch been passed to you for future public service ?

>> i hope. i think there are many ways to serve. my uncle sets a tremendous example.

>> reporter: in 2008 at the height of the obama-clinton primary battle she compared obama to her father.

>> fortunately there is one candidate who offers the same sense of hope.

>> reporter: a new high profile.

>> please welcome caroline kennedy to the podium.

>> reporter: led to a brief exploration of running for the senate to replace hillary clinton . elective office not a natural fit for this kennedy . but diplomacy, her grandfather was ambassador before world war ii . her aunt gene was ambassador to ireland . half a century after her father's assassination with her brother, uncle and mother now gone she'll likely serve in japan, a country that loves political names like former vice president walter mon dale.

>> sending someone who has such high visibility , almost standing as a kind of celebrity, think, gives her cache the minute she lands in tokyo.

>> reporter: kennedy would have to be confirmed by the senate but experts say she's a lot more ambassadors appointed because of