Nightly News   |  April 03, 2013

Short-range nuclear weapons ‘would be devastating’

If North Korea were to employ nuclear weapons, it would impact U.S. troops and pressure Japan and South Korea to also consider obtaining nuclear weapons – something that could lead to an all-out arms race.  NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports.

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>> go to our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell in our d.c. newsroom. the reason people on the west coast of the u.s. aren't heading to shelters and stocking up on water and canned goods is our calculated analysis that they don't have the delivery system beyond, what, 1,000 miles.

>> reporter: exactly. there is no sign of mobilization. that doesn't say though that they can't use short-range nuclear weapons which would be devastating to our allies and would inevitably get us into a war and would expose u.s. troops . also what's worrying is they did shut down the joint economic zone. that's $2 billion of shared trade across the border. very important hard currency for the north. much more important to them than to the south. so far our efforts through china have not worked out. diplomacy has not worked out. the real worry is proliferation. as one ruling party leader said and this gets to what richard was talking about. he said when the thug in your neighborhood gets a brand new machine gun we can't defend our home with a stone. if they want nuclear weapons , the japanese do, we have a serious arms race.

>> this has to be watched for any conflict that might draw in the u.s.

>>> now to the story that's rocked the sports world and beyond in the last 24 hours . rutgers university men's basketball coach mike rice fired today after video surfaced showing him abusing his players. now the