Nightly News   |  April 03, 2013

Remembering Jane Henson, Chuck Fairbanks and Jack Pardee

NBC’s Brian Williams pays tribute to the lives of three memorable figures in sports and entertainment.

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>> tonight. jane henson has died. she was jim henson 's wife and collaborator. as a pup tier and designer of so many of the muppets they were the muppets parents in addition to raising five of their own. the muppets were born in this building right next to jimmy fallon 's studio, in fact. if you visit us at 30 rock , you will see the pipes in an old preserved steam closet that jim henson made into characters which later became the muppets . he died in 1990 at 53. jane was 78.

>>> in the world of sports the loss of two big nfl coaches. chuck fairbanks of the patriots and former texas a & m star jack pardee . fair banks was 79. jack pardee was 76.