Nightly News   |  April 05, 2013

Obama’s proposed budget worries Democrats

For the first time in the Obama presidency, the White House’s proposed budget would slow the growth of Medicare and Social Security as part of a strategy to entice Republicans to negotiate on a larger budget deal that would include more tax increases. NBC’s Chuck Todd reports.

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>>> today details of president obama 's budget proposal for the coming year were making the rounds.s they include changes to social security and medicare . didn't do much to sway republicans. we get more from our chief white house correspondent chuck todd .

>> reporter: for the first time in the obama presidency a white house -proposed budget would slow the growth of medicare and social security , an idea many democrats call a cut. mindful of this the white house tried to soften the blow.

>> not the president's adeal approach to our budget challenges. but it is a serious compromise proposition.

>> reporter: the president will propose smaller cost of living to social security . it would reduce benefit payments to senior ohs in the future. this idea is part of a deliberate effort to entice republicans back to the negotiating table on a larger budget deal that would include more tax increases. but any changes to social security has democrats upset.

>> it's certainly not one that i'm excited about in terms of the chain cpi.

>> reporter: on twitter liberal senator tom harkin called the plan an attack on social security .

>> democrats invented social security and have been protecting it for almost 80 yearses. they shouldn't be leading the charge against it.

>> reporter: but republicans didn't rush to embrace the plan either. speaker boehner writing if the president believes these modest entitlement savings are needed to help shore up these programs there is no reason they should be held hostage for more tax hikes. also noteworthy in the budget $400 million in cuts in medicare . a payroll tax hike on high income medicare beneficiaries and a tobacco tax to pay for a universal pre-k program the president touted in the state of the union . not surprisingly the most powerful citizen lobby, aarp, are already out with polling data warning any member of congress that supports the change in social security will have, well, heck to pay at the ballot box in 2014 . so it begins.

>> our thanks to chuck todd