Nightly News   |  April 06, 2013

US watching North Korea closely

NBC’s Peter Alexander has more from the White House.

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>> continues to watch this situation very closely. nbc's peter alexander is at the white house with more from there. peter?

>> lester, good evening to you. officials here have repeatedly said the u.s. is taking north korea 's threats very seriously. in the words of one, they view them as extremely concerning. the regime is what the white how else describes as provocative. they are increasingly leaning on china and its new president to help diffuse, to ease these tensions, but they want a crackdown on kim jong -un and that area where the government slr in place. the president's national security adviser, tom donlin, says that situation is did evising.

>>> the focus of the trip was supposed to be iran, lester, but now kerry's visit will most likely be driven on efforts to avoid any further crisis in north korea .