Nightly News   |  April 09, 2013

Extreme weather hits the US

A big storm is moving across the US – on one side of the system it’s snowy and windy with temperatures below average. Meanwhile, warm air in parts of the Midwest leaves the region bracing for tornadoes. The East Coast, however, experienced record-highs. Weather Channel meteorologist Mike Seidel reports from Aurora, Colo.

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>>> now we turn to the weather tonight after what felt like a mid summer day in parts of the east like 82 degrees in new york. and what is looking like several days of dangerous, violent storms across a huge area of our country. warm air moving up from the south across texas is slamming into very cold air, dipping down in the middle of the country. that's a dangerous set up. weather channel meteorologist mike seidel has our report from aurora, colorado.

>> reporter: it may be spring, but winter's putting up one last fight -- a big storm is moving across the u.s. and with it extreme weather . on one side of the system, it's cold, snowy, and windy. in denver, hundreds of flights were canceled because of icy runways and wind gusts of nearly 50 miles an hour. schools and businesses shut down because of the snow and bone-chilling cold. temperatures at 40 degrees below average with wind chills below zero , rare for april. the storm could dump up to 20 inches of snow in some areas. meanwhile, because of warm air ahead of the front, parts of the plains and midwest are bracing for dangerous thunderstorms and tornadoes. hail came crashing down in kansas. the weather channel 's mike bettes is there.

>> ping pong ball sized hail that pelted the crew. when that hits you, trust me, it hurts.

>> reporter: to give you a sense of the extreme, earlier today in kansas it was 17 degrees on one side of the state while the mercury hit 74 on the other. a microcosm of the weather across the country -- snow, flash floods , and sleet in the west. and record highs on the east coast where 80 plus -degree temperatures are nearly 40 degrees warmer than what parts of the northeast saw just a week ago. and closer to the capitol, what a difference five days makes. this weather system will fire up severe weather again tomorrow in the midwest and thursday in the southeast. the cold front will finally clear the east coast late friday putting an end to this early april heat wave . heat is something we could use tonight in denver. right now it's 14. the wind chill was four below zero and, brian, right now we're just two degrees above the record low for april 9th .

>> unbelievable. mike seidel reporting from snowy colorado for us tonight.