Nightly News   |  April 10, 2013

Severe storm threat as cold air sweeps in from Canada

Freezing rains and high winds are expected to push deeper into the South on Thursday. Meanwhile, South Dakota and nearby states are prepping for more snow. The Weather Channel’s Chris Warren reports.

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>>> is forming a crescent over the entire eastern third of the nation, stretching from texas to new orleans area to the new york city suburbs, rolling thunderstorms, high winds and hail with very cold air, ice and snow sweeping in behind it, and just before our air time tonight, confirmation there has indeed been severe weather , weather channel meteorologist chris warren from headquarters in atlanta tonight, chris, good evening.

>> good evening to you, brian. it is turning into a very active and dangerous night. the reason, mother nature taking areas that were enjoying spring and even summer-like weather, quickly back into winter, and the result, it's turning out to be dangerous. already reports of tornadoes and injuries in arkansas. let's take a look and show you what's going on, why this is happening, we're seeing this very cold air drop down from canada, and as it does, it's bringing some snow to some areas, even ice, and some storms. this is the threat for this evening, anywhere in red is your best chance for some strong storms, including isolated tornadoes, damaging winds and even some hail. this threat pushes deeper into the south for tomorrow, it goes all the way up into parts of western pennsylvania and then the snowy side during the day tomorrow another foot of snow could fall in some areas so we are seeing a winter storm in spring, brian, and the worst of both sides.

>> chris warren , weather channel headquarters