Nightly News   |  April 12, 2013

Homes demolished in violent Mississippi twister

Storms killed one person and injured five in Mississippi on Thursday were part of a massive system that stretched from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez reports.

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>>> the big storm system that brought extreme weather to most of the country this week on its way east. it continues to move to the east coast tonight with snow and ice storms still trailing it across parts of the midwest. in the south, violent thunderstorms and tornadoes have left a lot of destruction behind. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the report from mississippi tonight.

>> holy --

>> reporter: an up-close look at a violent twister near prairie point, mississippi .

>> look at the house. holy mackerel.

>> reporter: the man who shot the video says he watched his friend's house disappear. fortunately no one was home.

>> the folks that are here that have lost everything that they have, it can't get much worse for them.

>> reporter: the storms that killed one person and injured five in mississippi thursday were part of a massive system that stretched from canada to the gulf of mexico .

>> we have been tracking the storm complex for four days across the plains and the southeast. the tornadoes that touched down here in mississippi , they have done significant damage and the wind speeds would have to be at least 120 miles per hour to do this kind of damage.

>> reporter: irvin hill was sleeping in his mobile home when a tornado lifted and tossed the structure.

>> everything went up together. it went up in the sky. next thing i knew i landed out there up under that tree.

>> reporter: heavy storms claimed two more lives in nebraska and missouri before they dumped hail and ripped off roofs near atlanta. today in huntsville, alabama, the hum of chainsaws as the national weather service confirmed two tornadoes there.

>> i sent pictures to my children. i raised my kids here. it's hard. yeah.

>> reporter: and that's why people like irvin hill say they will rebuild.

>> i survived. that's the amazing part.

>> reporter: a second chance after being caught inside the storm. the national weather service just confirmed that this tornado was an ef-3 with winds of up to 165 miles per hour, brian.

>> gabe gutierrez in mississippi tonight for us. gabe, thanks.