Nightly News   |  April 13, 2013

Passengers survive Bali plane crash

A passenger jet skidded off the runway into the ocean while attempting to land on the Indonesian resort island of Bali on Saturday, local officials said. NBC’s Annabel Roberts reports.

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>> island of bali, a miracle in the sea after a jet plane crashed into the ocean and everyone survived. it approached the runway and came up short. while the circumstances are different, the outcome is reminding many folks of another miracle here in the u.s. a few years ago. we have more.

>> just sort of the run way, the bowing 737 sits in the sea, wreckage floating nearby. rescue boats rushed to the plane. carrying passengers and members of the crew. this man said the plane was announced to land and then they saw that they were next to the runway and on the water. people screamed as the plane began to fill with water. passengers put on life jackets , climbed out and swam to shore, while others escaped on inflatable rafts.

>> the impact on the water was obviously hard. the plane did not disintegrate and the passengers survived that is a miracle in itself.

>> about 40 were injured, suffering head wounds and broken limbs. the images remind us of that miracle landing on new york's hudson river four years ago.

>> that was a case of brilliant airmanship.

>> but experts say it's too early to speculate on what went wrong on today's flight. lion air is the fastest growing airline, but it's banned from flying in europe because of safety issues. an investigation is now under way into the cause of this crash. pilot error or mechanical failure, the 108 people on board are lucky to be alive.

>> here in the country, new developments in the debate over