Nightly News   |  April 14, 2013

Still waiting for spring

Many living in the Northern part of the country tonight are saying enough is enough as heavy snow and strong winds are producing blizzard like conditions and it's not over yet. The Weather Channel’s Janel Klein reports.

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>>> seems to be caught between two seasons tonight in much of the country with a big blast of winter in the northern midwest and the threat of spring tornadoes in the south. weather channel 's meteorologist janel klein is in fargo , north dakota . looks like december where you are.

>> reporter: no doubt about that, lester. three weeks into spring there is a winter storm advisory for the entire state of north dakota with heavy snow and high winds blanketing much of the midwest. parts of the state have already gotten more than 16 inches of snow in cities in western north dakota are pulling plows off the road because visibility is almost impossible. this is all part after complex storm moving across the northern part of the country while the south is dealing with another severe weather system. together these two storms are hitting more than a dozen states and will last well into tomorrow. a tornado watch is in effect for the florida panhandle and southwestern georgia where heavy rains are already soaking cities like new orleans and pensacola. back here in fargo , this is not just a winter storm . it is also an arded thredded threat for what could be major spring flooding next week. volunteers have made 1 million sandbags here hoping to hold back the water of the red river but they're also holding their breath hoping winter will finally say good-bye.

>> janel klein in snowy fargo tonight, thanks.