Nightly News   |  April 15, 2013

Security official: Marathon bombs ‘clearly an act of terror’

President Obama has not yet referred to the marathon explosions as ‘terrorism,’ however a national security official says any event with multiple explosive devices is clearly an act of terror although we do not yet know who carried this attack. NBC’s Chuck Todd reports.

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>> todd was standing in the briefing room when the president entered at about 6:10 tonight to give his remarks on what the white house was saying so far. chuck?

>> i can tell you this. one of the things the president did not say is he did not call this terrorism. i can tell you from talking to sources this was discussed and the decision was made not to have the president use that specific word. a national security official e-mails and says this. any event with multiple explosive devices as this appears to be is clearly an act of terror and will be approached as an act of terror. however we do not know who carried out this attack. a thorough investigation will determine whether it was planned and carried out by a terrorist group , foreign or domestic. they are careful with their language. the president has been believed all day from the fbi director , homeland security director, chief terrorism adviser. he himself has been giving briefings to the leadership in congress. but i can tell you in talking to officials around here, brian, there is a little bit of frustration of how little they do know at this point in time which is why the president was clearly being very careful with the language he chose to use.

>> chuck todd at the white