Nightly News   |  April 15, 2013

Boston explosion witness: ‘Everyone was just in fear’

Serdar Ozturk, who was staying at the Fairmont Hotel in Boston, said when the bombs went off, it was “one of the craziest scenes” he’s ever seen. “People’s faces instantly changed from smiles to fear,” he said during an interview with NBC’s Brian Williams.

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>>> we are back tonight this day of the twin bombings at the end of the boston marathon . we want to talk now to an eyewitness, someone we spoke to earlier during our developing live coverage. he was very close to the site of the initial and then the secondary bomb. tell us how far you were away, what you remember, what you saw and felt.

>> i was about a half block away from the scene. initially i felt the first one and i felt it go through think leg into my chest. i was sitting down. e everyone in the room, everyone outside just stops moving and instantly had no idea what was happening until that second bomb went off. that second bomb you felt just as much, you heard just as loud and everyone instantly knew that it was not what we thought and it was a bomb. at that very moment i walked outside. i looked down the street and you could see smoke coming. people's faces instantly changed from smiles to tears and fear and were basically running for their lives. you could look at any direction at any moment at the intersection and there were thousands and thousands of people that you could see in any direction shutting down the streets.

>> if there was a blessing it was that the medical tent was right there at the conclusion of the race. you had medical professionals and a lot of boston p.d. already on the scene.

>> yeah. i'm staying at the fairmont and the medical tent is outside our front door. it was one of the craziest scenes i have seen. everybody was rushing. no one knew what to do. ems was running toward the scene. everyone was in fear.

>> also the definition of terrorism. it's the last thing you expect at the finish line of the boston marathon on patriots day in boston. serdar ozturk, thank you very much.