Nightly News   |  April 15, 2013

Homeland Security Chairman calls Boston explosions ‘terrorism’

House Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul said during a press conference that the bombings were indeed terrorism, intended to hurt and scare the public. For now, Boston is silent, as people wait for more information. NBC’s Katy Tur reports.

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>>> we are back and back up to boston we go. nbc's katy tur was able to make her way up there after first word of this. it was striking to hear the governor of massachusetts tell people to stay in their homes, stay off the streets and avoid crowds. i imagine the center of the city still feels so eerie.

>> so eerie, brian. everything that was dropped along the race route now is being considered suspicious. so they didn't want anybody around potentially dropping anything else or potentially getting in the way. they didn't know if other devices were out there at this time. people are looking for answers. right now there are still so few. what we can tell you is that the homeland security chairman has called this terrorism. this was not an accident. it was intentional. it was intended to hurt and it was intended to scare, he says. it has done just that. it happened right around the four-hour mark of the race intended, it seems to do as much damage as possible. that's when most people finish the race. the back bay is silent. people are wondering what's going on. of course they are trying to figure out why anyone would do this.

>> katy tur in boston where today was supposed to be just patriots day , a statewide holiday and just known for the running of the boston