Nightly News   |  April 16, 2013

Mother of victim: ‘she had a heart of gold’

On Tuesday another of the dead was identified: Krystal Campbell, 29, a spectator at the Boston Marathon who had attended to cheer on the runners. Meanwhile, the marathon participants returned to the route to collect their belongings while investigators collected photos and videos taken during the event. NBC’s Lester Holt reports.

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>> reporter: of our team here, is here tonight with the news of this day. lester?

>> brian, this heavy police presence will be a way of life for boston residents for some time to come, but there were thousands of visitors here, spectators, they came to bear witness to a great sporting event . instead they are filing out of town having beared witness to terror.

>> reporter: a runner, a camera strapped to her body with a view of the finish line on the horizon. a view that changes in an instant. it is one of countless images that captured the day, images authorities hope also captured the bombers.

>> something just blew up.

>> there has to be hundreds, if not thousands, of photographs or videos or observations that were made down at that finish line yesterday. and they're sitting out there amongst everyone that's watching this event this morning.

>> i need officers. a secondary device!

>> reporter: recordings of emergency radio traffic have been released.

>> there's multiple team down!

>> reporter: illustrating the urgency of yesterday's response. and today another of the dead was identified. 29-year-old krystle campbell of medford, massachusetts.

>> everybody that knew her loved her. she loved her job. she had a heart of gold . she would always smile. you couldn't ask for a better daughter. i can't believe this has happened.

>> reporter: allen panzer, a north carolina emergency room physician, was waiting for his wife to cross the finish line . he saw the explosion and attended to the most seriously wounded.

>> it was blast injuries to the lower extremities for the most part. one gentleman had no legs below the knees.

>> reporter: investigators say the bombs were placed among the crowd down the block from each other, detonating just over ten seconds apart. officially, it was back to business in most of boston today. but reminders are everywhere that things are not back to normal.

>> you see people, and their faces are really sober, just walking around. it's kind of an eerie feeling in the air.

>> reporter: today runners were able to return to the route to collect belongings that were left in the haste of yesterday's flee to safety. some were given medals for a race they were unable to complete. medals hopelessly tarnished by tragedy.

>> i ran 22 miles thinking about the minute when i was going to come down the street and get this medal. and it's, like, this is not how i wanted it, but it's around my neck, and i was a part of this day.

>> reporter: there are any number of stories that will break your heart here including the story of the second victim, krystle campbell. her parents were first told that it was her friend who died, brian, but doctors had to return and tell them it was krystle who passed away.