Nightly News   |  April 16, 2013

Community devastated at 8-year-old’s death

Three died in the bomb blasts at the Boston Marathon including 8-year-old Martin Richard, the youngest victim, who was remembered by neighbors who left flowers and candles at his family’s home. NBC’s Katy Tur reports.

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>> church bells behind us. they started off with " god bless america " a few minutes back. this entire city, of course, consumed with what happened yesterday. and so many questions and stories about the victims of this. katy tur, part of our team here as well, she's been looking into the victims all day. good evening.

>> brian, they were standing on the sidelines cheering on loved ones, friends and even strangers. then all of a sudden chaos. tonight we're learning more about the trauma of those first few moments including the victims. and an 8-year-old boy excited to see a marathon.

>> reporter: today neighbors remembered 8-year-old martin richard, the youngest of the victims.

>> to know that that little boy will never come home again is -- it kept me up tonight, and it will probably keep me up this morning.

>> reporter: martin was in the crowd watching the marathon with his parents, 1 # 1-year-old brother and 5-year-old sister close to where the blast went off. he was killed. his mom and sister right now are in very bad shape. in a statement, his father, bill richard, wrote, "my dear son martin has died from injuries sustained in the attack on boston . my wife and daughter are both recovering from serious injuries. we thank our family and friends, those we know and those we have never met, for their thoughts and prayers."

>> we're a very close community, and we are all devastated.

>> reporter: the drawing he made in front of his home over the weekend drew neighbors and friends who left flowers and candles in remembrance of the young boy . at the finish line it only took moments for a joyous accomplishment to turn to terrifying confusion. 78-year-old bill iffrig was just feet from the explosion, about to finish his 45th marathon. what did it sound like? what did it feel like?

>> it was so loud. boom!

>> reporter: what have your kids said to you?

>> they said, dad, you are so lucky. yeah, i was really lucky that it ended up like it did.

>> reporter: the families of newtown shooting victims were at the race, but none were injured. still many others were.

>> it was an extraordinary horrible scene, and what we were able to do is pull together what we needed to pull together in a very short period of time.

>> just didn't seem real.

>> reporter: leeann and nicholas were watching the race. she was left with shrapnel in her leg and a shattered femur. now she remembers the compassion of those who rushed to help.

>> i had a woman who i don't know came and held my hand.

>> reporter: 30 code red victims would life-threatening injuries taken to hospitals. they and dozens of others are trying to recover tonight. and right now 24 remain in critical condition. regional blood banks are asking for donations from surrounding states, brian, as boston has depleted all of their supplies.

>> as we said, it's consumed this entire city. katy tur here with us in boston . thanks.