Nightly News   |  April 16, 2013

Boston bombing a ‘terrible and bloody lesson’

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick spoke with NBC’s Brian Williams about what investigators are doing to piece together the evidence and bring whoever is responsible to justice. He vowed that next year’s marathon will be “bigger and better than ever.”

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>>> and tonight, governor of massachusetts deval patrick is with us from the command post at the westin hotel not far from us here. governor, thank you for being with us. first of all, is there anything you've been on the inside all day, anything you've learned? any imagery you've seen that would lead us to believe they're any further down the road?

>> well, i think your reports about the status of the investigation are pretty thorough. what we know, we have made public or most of it anyhow. the investigators at the federal, state and local level are coordinating beautifully, and we have every conceivable asset on the ground, and they are literally combing the blast site with a fine-tooth comb to piece together what happened and ultimately the story of how and bring whomever is responsible to justice. it's a slow process. it's a painful one. but there are also alongside this, brian, some extraordinary stories of grace and kindness that people have shown, both neighbors from massachusetts and visitors from outside of the city and the state.

>> i heard your public plea, governor, a young woman who was helped by an army sergeant just back from afghanistan. you're helping to find him to reunite him with her. one final question before we lose you. and that is, it was striking yesterday, this happened with boston pd officers in the foreground, meaning if you can get a device into an already secured area, what's that going to mean for defending cities like boston?

>> well, i think the thing to remember here -- maybe two things to remember. first of all, the first job of everybody is to figure out who is responsible for what happened and precisely what happened and to bring that person or persons to justice. and that's what law enforcement is focused on. the second thing, then, is to sort out how this could have happened. you know, we've had 116 years of incident-free marathons. and every year we have learned lessons from the one before. it's a terrible, terrible and bloody lesson we're having to learn this time. but i am also confident that we will learn what lessons there are to be learned, and next year's marathon will be bigger and better than ever.

>> the governor of the commonwealth of massachusetts , deval patrick , thank you very much for being