Nightly News   |  April 21, 2013

Slowly, Boston returning to normal

Boston will reopen slowly, in phases, as its residents slowly recover from a week that has been like no other in the city’s history, NBC’s Ron Allen reports.

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>>> back in boston this was a day of reflection as the dead and wounded were remembered and the city began to reopen after the who are rhorror of the past week.

>> reporter: boston 's heart burst out in song today or the streets where so many victims of the marathon bomb wrg wounded last week.

>> evil will always happen in this world. yet we can combat it with good, we can combat it with love.

>> reporter: worshippers who couldn't get to churches inside the cordoned off crime scene attended services outside. at the cathedral of the holy cross , powerful pore traits stood before a congregation filled with heavy hris at m.i.t. today a tribute where collier died on campus.

>> i see a young man with incredible potential. i think the sky was the limit with him and i think in the future we would have heard a lot from him. m.i.t. is a real special place, it is the real deal and they deserve the reputation they have is deserved beyond deserved. but this is a whole other side that i'm starting to see.

>> reporter: more than 50 people wounded in the blast remain hospitalized, including a 7-year-old girl in critical condition. and transit officer richard donahue ironically a close friend of officer collier, gravely wounded during the chase for the two suspects.

>> he works for the transit and i always tell him you're never going to see any action because you're on the subway. but there he is jumping into the midst of a gun fight in watertown and making transit very proud.

>> reporter: at the university of massachusetts , where suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev was enrolled, campus reopened with stunned students reacting to finding out an alleged bomber was in their midst.

>> after what i saw, it was like a small army here, i assume that we're good to go. i'm glad they took all the precautions they did.

>> reporter: through it all, boston tries to return to normal. the red sox played a doubleheader to make up a game cancel because of friday's manhunt. still, it is hard to ignore the powerful attraction and emotions at the memorial near the marathon's finish line where people come from near and far. some bringing friends who have a special touch.

>> how old are you?

>> he'll be 4 in june.

>> it's been almost a week. still a lot of feeling.

>> absolutely. absolutely. that's why i came up today. it is a beautiful day and i thought what better way to spend it than to come to boston .

>> reporter: late today officials said it is still going to take a while to reopen the center of the city behind me that's still a huge crime scene . they've asked everyone to observe a moment of silence tomorrow at 2:50 p.m ., exactly one week after the bombs explode. the church bells will ring signaling the way forward . lester?

>> ron allen tonight in boston ,