Nightly News   |  April 21, 2013

London Marathon celebrates Boston

Messages of good will were sent across the pond on Sunday as competitors in the London Marathon celebrated Boston’s strength and remembered the victims of last week’s bombings. NBC’s Duncan Golestani reports.

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>>> day today in london as that city held its marathon under heightnd security and in solidarity with the people of boston .

>> reporter: hundreds of thousands lined up just as the boston runners did six days ago. that's when the whistle plu london 's competitors stood still for 30 seconds wearing black ribbons, they joined together in silence to remember those who died and those injured far away. on this sunny spring day the shadow the boston attacks could be felt here. from the 40% increase in police protection to extra bomb sniffing dogs checking bags, this was about re-assurance and it worked.

>> well, they're here. if anybody's afraid they wouldn't be here, would they?

>> reporter: keeping a close eye, the hundreds of thousands of surveillance cameras installed as a result of past terror attacks, including the 2005 bombings which killed 52 people. londoners are known for their resilience. despite the bombings in boston , the crowds here are defiant. they have come out in their hundreds of thousands determined to cheer on the runners. london 's embrace was especially noticed by its competitors. in boston tatiana mcfadden won the women's wheelchair race. in london a second victory yet still bittersweet.

>> it is about hope and it is about bringing hope to people back in boston . that's what the race is about today. i really dedicate the race to boston .

>> reporter: the messages of good will from prince harry poised at the finish.

>> the way boston 's dealt with it has been absolutely remarkable.

>> reporter: to boston 's transit police -- we hope you and the runners enjoy the marathon. two skez with one message, we remain defiant. nbc news, london .