Nightly News   |  April 22, 2013

News you missed in the wake of the bombing

After all that was lost the day of the Boston Marathon, certain events that would have ordinarily dominated the news cycle fell by the wayside: North Korea’s continued threats, dozens of explosions in Iraq and the latest on the 787 Dreamliner to name a few. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

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>>> just back from a weekend that gave this country a chance to breathe. we were all watching boston last week which meant there was a lot going on in the world that would have deserved our attention during any other time, starting right there at the finish line. because of all that was lost on that beautiful day in boston , we also lost track of who won. the winners of the marathon were virtually ignored. for the men it was lalisa da lalisa dasisa. for the women, rita jepto from kenya. she won in 2006 and took a hiatus to have a child. the town of west, texas, remains torn apart. satellite imagery shows the earth transformed after the colossal blast that measured the equivalent of a 2.1 earthquake on the richter scale . 14 dead including first responders who went into the fire and were killed by the explosion. 200 people were injured. among the events that broke through last week but otherwise would have dominated our coverage, what the president called a shameful day for washington. the failure to pass expanded background checks for gun purchases. upwards of 90% of the american people support it, but not enough members of the u.s. senate . vice president biden wore his reaction on his face. the president showed a rare flash of anger. the newtown families went home still grieving. remember the north korean missile launch? just the threat of it made it our lead story for 12 of the preceding 17 nights. most analysts said they were just looking for attention and they've got it. the missiles are still there and they are still making threats. this past weekend an earthquake in china measuring 6.6 killed an estimated 200 people and injured thousands. one local journalist left her own wedding to go on television and join in the reporting on the disaster. while boston was our awful national tragedy it would make for a mild day in other countries. that same day in iraq, 37 people were killed in one bombing. this weekend there were dozens of explosions as iraqi elections approach. remember those ricin letters sent to the president and the u.s. senator from mississippi? they arrested a former elvis impersonator who once performed at an event for the senator. last week we learned 787s will be cleared for takeoff again. the faa approved boeing's plan to fix the battery problem that created a fire risk. we learned last week super storm sandy actually moved the earth along the east coast . sensors designed to measure such things say the storm's wave action shook the earth's crust as it rearranged the contours of the coastline. we lost major figures last week. pat summerall , among the very best sports casters of all time, also a top flight player in the nfl in his day. and al newharth died. he created usa today . we had never seen a national newspaper before. we had certainly never seen it in color. it was instantly branded mcpaper for simplicity but it survives. its creator dead at 89. meantime back in boston it was a great weekend. the city was open again. and in boston that means the sox and the swan boats and little kids visiting the ducklings until it's time to go home.

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>> reporter: after what we have been through, who can blame any of us for wanting our very own comfort dog every day for the rest of