Nightly News   |  April 23, 2013

Donations pour in for Boston

The One Fund Boston proceeds, which continue to grow, are being distributed by Kenneth Feinberg who oversaw victims’ funds for 9/11. So far, it has reached $20 million. NBC’s Anne Thompson reports.

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>>> square area slowly getting back to business after really being frozen in place as a crime scene eight days ago. some of the folks in the area were today preparing to reopen the stretch of that great city that will sadly forever be known as something of a crime scene . anne thompson is in boston for us tonight.

>> reporter: cautiously residents made an emotional return to boylston street .

>> it's important for everybody to get back to however we define normal nowadays.

>> i'm actually looking forward to going back.

>> reporter: there was no damage at laura's bagel shop but a lot of cleaning to do.

>> frankly so what? at the end of the day , it's so minimal compared to the impact that so many people felt.

>> reporter: today there was a private funeral for 8-year-old martin richard, the youngest victim. in a statement his family said, we laid our son martin to rest and he is now at peace. police officers escorted the casket of sean collier, the m.i.t. officer shot and killed last week allegedly by the bombing suspects. savannah guthrie spoke to his five siblings on the "today" show.

>> ever since a very young age, this is what he wanted to do and he did it. he worked his tail off, and he really has made us all very proud of him.

>> reporter: boston university remembered chinese graduate story lu lingzi. a cousin translated her father's words.

>> last night, your home town lit you an everlasting candle, lighting up your path to heaven, so that you won't lose your way any more. there will be no bombs or terrorist attacks in its path. sweet caroline

>> reporter: through individual donations and events like this race in west hartford , connecticut, the one fund boston is raising money for those most affected by the bombing.

>> i'm honored to support.

>> reporter: the total $20 million and growing. the proceeds to be distributed by ken feinberg who oversaw victims funds for 9/11 and the bp oil spill.

>> the number one goal here is to get this money out the door as emergency funding to claimants in desperate shape.

>> reporter: the victims and victims' families will have one month to apply for moneys from that fund starting on may 15th . feinberg hopes to cut checks on june 30th and have money in everyone's hands by the fourth of july.

>> anne thompson up in boston