Nightly News   |  April 23, 2013

Truckers rescue pets in need of new home

The nonprofit Operation Roger is matching truck drivers with abandoned animals, transporting them to families that are willing to adopt. NBC’s Mark Potter reports.

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>>> we leave you tonight with some good news for a whole lot of people and the pets who love them. a successful effort to find permanent loving homes for dogs in need of people no matter how many miles you have to travel to get from here to there. the story tonight from nbc's mark potter .

>> reporter: amid the rugal beauty of tok, alaska , an important long distance deliver se about to be made as an anxious family awaits.

>> hi, guys. here's shelby .

>> look at him.

>> little puppy.

>> he's cute.

>> reporter: shelby 's journey has taken nine days and covered more than 4500 miles thanks to a kind hearted trucker named david and an animal rescue program known as operation roger.

>> thank you very much.

>> you guys are so welcome.

>> really appreciate it.

>> yeah, any time.

>> reporter: operation roger was born from hurricane katrina , after trucker sue weiss began to pray for all the pets ho s who'd lost their owners.

>> what can i do? i'm just a truck driver .

>> reporter: she finds volunteer truckers who will transport abused animals to homes around the country. so far they've delivered nearly 700 pets. shelby , a 5-year-old pekingese was rescued from an abusive home in oklahoma. when an alaska family offered to adopt him, operation roger called david benz who loves dogs and helping people.

>> a good way that truck drivers in america can give back to society. because we're not home a lot.

>> reporter: the journey began with benz picking up shelby in enid, oklahoma. then heading to houston to load cargo bound for alaska . a long drive later, they met shelby 's new family.

>> driving the dogs around the states and dropping them off at loving homes is perfect.

>> reporter: and well worth the cross-country effort.

>> say cheese!

>> reporter: to bring shelby home. mark potter , nbc news.