Nightly News   |  April 25, 2013

Boston suspects intended to attack NYC

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev told investigators that while he and his brother were fleeing from Boston in a stolen SUV last Thursday night, they came up with the idea of driving to New York with a half-dozen bombs they had with them. NBC’s Pete Williams reports.

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>>> good evening. the details about their possible plans are sketchy, but investigators now say the two brothers, the accused terrorist bombers in boston , were wiheadeded here to new york and authorities in this city say their plan was to blow off explosive devices . with one dead and one hospitalized we'll now thankfully never know what would have happened in boston , the damage, the human toll is bad enough. we begin again tonight with our justice correspondent pete williams .

>> reporter: investigators say they have been told that while the bombing suspects were fleeing from boston in an suv today carjacked last thursday night, they came up with the idea of driving to new york , taking along a half dozen bombs they had with them.

>> in the car, they made a decision to go to new york with the remaining explosive devices they had and to detonate one or more in times square .

>> reporter: police say one of the men, dzhokhar tsarnaev has visited last year. thursday night police caught up to them in watertown. this photo shows the suv after the shootout with police. now, new questions about whether the interrogation of the surviving suspect was stopped too soon. the chairman of the house intelligence committee is told a judge came to read tsarnaev his rights before interrogators were done questioning him.

>> that's dangerous and concerning, especially when the fbi will tell you, we weren't finished with him. we didn't believe we had all we could get out of him.

>> reporter: in response the fbi and justice department say the judge's arrival monday was not a surprise, and that 16 hours after the interrogation began, time was running out before he had to be read his rights. in dagestan tsarnaev's father said he plans to return to the u.s. shortly. his mother said she regrets that the family ever came to the u.s. in the first place.

>> i thought it was going to protect us, our kids, was going to be safe for any reason. but it happened opposite. my kids just came here -- it took my kids away from me.

>> reporter: back in watertown, police were at the scene where tsarnaev was found wounded in a boat. officials say he had no gun. they are trying to determine why the police began shooting in the first place. one of the survivors of the bombing, heather abbott of rhode island who lost part of her left leg said the support from the hospital and strangers has been uplifting.

>> i'm sure at some point i will be interested in the details and have an opinion about, you know, the individuals that did this. but i just haven't let my mind go there.

>> reporter: ten days after the bombing, 32 survivors remain in boston -area hospitals, one of them in critical condition. brian?

>> pete williams in our d.c. newsroom tonight. pete, thank you.