Nightly News   |  April 25, 2013

Barbara Bush: ‘We’ve had enough Bushes’ in White House

Matt Lauer sits down with the women of the Bush family, asking them whether Jeb Bush should run for president.

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>>> what was perhaps the political moment of the day came before the dedication ceremony got under way. this morning on "today" matt lauer sat down with the women of the bush family and got around to the question of oh whether jeb bush should run for president, something he's said to be considering.

>> do you think jeb bush would run? would you like to see him run?

>> sure. he'd be terrific. he'd be a wonderful president. but who knows? we don't know. we're letting him decide.

>> the fact that gammy didn't talk at all, i'm proud of you.

>> mrs. bush, would you like to see jeb run?

>> he's by far the best qualified man, but no. i really don't. i think it's a great country. there are a lot of great families. it's not just four families or whatever. there are other people out there that are very qualified. we have had enough bushes.

>> have you expressed that to