Nightly News   |  April 25, 2013

Obama: We stand with Texas

President Obama paid tribute at a public memorial Thursday for the 14 people killed in the massive explosion at a fertilizer depot in West, Texas.

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>>> after the opening ceremony today president obama traveled from there to a very somber, very sad place -- waco, texas . in front of the stage, a dozen flag-draped coffins. a public memorial for the people who died in that massive explosion of the fertilizer depot in the nearby town of west, texas . 14 killed in all. the blast after a huge fire had broken out, levelled the building, devastated so much of the town. 12 of the dead were first responders who were trying to fight the fire. president obama said the nation stands with the small town where just about everyone has been touched by grief.

>> we may not all live here in texas , but we are neighbors, too. we're americans, too. we stand with you and we do not forget. we'll be there even after the cameras leave.

>> a day of great extremes in the state of texas today. the president and first lady later comforted the families in private. investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the original fire that sparked the disaster.