Nightly News   |  April 26, 2013

Will newly found 9/11 debris be tested for human remains?

A piece of wreckage from 9/11 believed to be one of the commercial jets that brought down the World Trade Center was uncovered near Ground Zero. Police have now turned the area into a crime scene. If the pieces contain human DNA, scores of victims who have never been positively identified may bring closure to many families. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>>> late today in lower manhattan we learned of a stunning discovery. what investigators believe to be pieces of one of the commercial jets that brought down the world trade center found wedged between two buildings near ground zero 11 years after the terrorist attack. this discovery is being treated as a crime scene by the nypd tonight. nbc's stephanie gosk is there.

>> reporter: good evening, brian. it's hard to imagine after all this time someone could essentially stumble across a piece of wreckage. especially this big. we are about a quarter or mile from ground zero . that piece was found wedged between these buildings behind me. there were construction workers doing solo inspections. they called police who turned it into a crime scene . they said they will move the piece in a couple of days but they might have to do some demolition. it's wedged in so deeply. they may test for human remains . what people don't realize is scores of victims from 9/11 have never been positively identified. this may be an opportunity to bring closure for families that are waiting. finally, if this building looks familiar, it's because it's the site of a controversy over whether or not to build an islamic cultural center here so close to ground zero . brian?

>> stephanie gosk in lower manhattan . stephanie , thanks.