Nightly News   |  April 26, 2013

Fargo braces for record flooding

Residents of Fargo, North Dakota, aren’t taking any chances when it comes to Mother Nature after a waterlogged week in the Midwest. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports.

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>>> now to the latest on the flooding in the midwest and the plains. it's finally getting warm enough for snow to melt and people along the rivers are bracing for a sudden rush of high water . nbc's kevin tibbles is in fargo tonight where all eyes, as they have been, are on the rising red river . kevin , good evening.

>> reporter: well, brian, they have a saying in this part of the down oh tri. prepare for the worst and pray for the best. well here in fargo they are getting ready. an or a army of high schoolers builds a sandbag barricade in hopes of holding back the rising red river .

>> good we are helping other people live where they live.

>> i feel good about helping the community out.

>> more bags!

>> reporter: for the fourth time in five years this city on the plains braces for record flooding. in 2009 the water reached nearly 41 feet, swamping hundreds of homes. today, city manager mike williams helps ensure the sandbag levees are ready.

>> we have protected to 42 1/2 feet which is this one. this one we have never seen and hope we never do.

>> reporter: it's been a waterlogged week throughout the midwest. in the chicago area , the wettest april on record caused extensive flooding. in comstock park , michigan, dozens of homes damaged by the record high grand river . so much water on the fields in whiteland, indiana, farmers paf to delay planting. this on the heels of last year's drought. near st. louis, water with levels were dangerously low on the mississippi. now, it, too, is flooding. behind their fargo home erin and john aren't taking chances .

>> i'm not putting my guard down at all. mother nature knows how to throw a party.

>> reporter: they may have had the day off school but these kids are learning about team work.

>> everybody helps everybody.

>> reporter: that's a good way to live.

>> that's the north dakota way.

>> reporter: tonight the president has declared a state of emergency for north dakota . while estimates as to how high the river is going to get have been lowered, which is good news, no one here is taking if i chances. brian?

>> kevin tibbles in north dakota tonight. no short of good people there. thank you, kevin .