Nightly News   |  April 27, 2013

Days after collapse, survivors pulled from factory rubble

Rescuers, refusing to give up hope, scour the rubble for survivors in the aftermath of one of the country’s worst industrial disasters. NBC’s Ian Williams reports.

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>>> bangladesh for survivor os f a building collapse that killeded hundreds of factory workers this week. 29 more people were rescued today. this tragedy has raised new questions about safety in factories that supply retailers around the world. it happened in a town not far from the capital and ian williams has the latest.

>> reporter: they were still pulling people alive out of the rubble saturday, four days after bangladesh 's disaster. rescue workers sifting through the twisted remains of a complex of garment factories making clothing for western consumers. refusinging to give up hope. there are people still alive and we're supplying them with food. so far, more than 350 people have died when the building collapsed wednesday. the factories employed more than 3,000 workers. police said as many as 900 could still be buried and relatives gathered today in the desperate hope that their loved ones may still be alive. angry garment workers still kopt to protest. their anger undeminnished by the arrests saturday of five people. police say the owner of the collapsed building, a well connected local politician, is on the run. they say they ordered an evacuation of the building tuesday after cracks were scene, but the factory ignored them. police said the top floors of the building had been added illegally. they listed north american retailers as customers. the parent of one of those labels said it is committed to finding an approach that finding safe working conditions and drives lasting change in the industry. one factory says it supplies walmart, but the company says it didn't authorize any of the factories in this building to make its products. with wages as low as $38, bangladesh has been a magnet to global brands.

>> brands that are driving prices down, delivery time pressures down, driving pressure on these factories that lead them to cut costs and corners.

>> reporter: the association representing the manufacturers said the five factories ignored its warning not to open after the cracks were found. just months ago, a fire in another factory killed suh 11 2 people. little seems to have changed. one government minister saying today this wasn't so much an accident. it was murder. ian williams , nbc news bangkok.