Nightly News   |  April 27, 2013

Furlough fix shows Congress can act quickly – if it wants to

NBC’s Kristen Welker spotlights Congress’ ability to pass a bill, allowing the FAA to use other money in its budget to end sequester-related furloughs, after pressure from the public

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>>> said today the furloughs of air traffic controllers had been suspended and air traffic will be back to normal by tomorrow night. the furloughs caused widespread delays for travelers this week. kristen welker is at the white house with more.

>> good evening. this entire process shows just how quickly congress can act when it wants to. it took just two days for lawmakers to pass the legislation allowing the faa to use other men to end the furloughs. today, the president who has said he will sign the bill, called it a temporary fix, a quote band-aid that doesn't address the overall budget issue which led to the cuts. he continueded to criticize republicans for allowing the sequester to occur at all. now, in the republicans official response, a republican congressman charged that the faa could have made adjustments to avoid those furloughs. he accused the obama administration of playing politics to give the president more leverage in making spending cuts. now, due to a ty p po in the bill, it won't reach the president until early next week, but again, those headaches should subside a bit starting tomorrow.

>> thanks.