Nightly News   |  April 30, 2013

U.S. military intervention in Syria ‘mostly off the table’

NBC’s Chuck Todd examines the White House’s response to allegations that Syria is using chemical weapons.

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>>> those guantanamo comments you just saw, part of a wide-ranging news conference today. during it the president was also asked about syria, how to enforce the red line he has drawn, in his words, if it's proven the syrian regime is using those chemical weapons . our chief white house correspondent, political director chuck todd , with us from the white house tonight with more on this. chuck, good evening.

>> reporter: good evening, brian . well, the president was very careful in what he said about how he would enforce that red line . of course, the red line is if it is proven that the syrian regime used chemical weapons . here's what he said, and listen to the careful nuance.

>> there are options that are available to me that are on the shelf right now that we have not depl deployed, and that's a spectrum of options. as early as last year, i asked the pentagon, our military, our intelligence officials to prepare for me what options might be available.

>> reporter: the options that he's considering right now, there already is either indirect or nonlethal assistance to the syrian opposition that's going on right now, almost $500 million that's been spent in humanitarian aid in this nonlethal assistance. what the president could consider in the next few weeks is direct military assistant to those opposition groups, brian , that the cia, our intelligence, on the ground determine are not potential threats to the united states in the future. that's stuff -- all that identifying is going on right now. that's the options on the table. the idea of a larger military intervention as of right now, that is mostly off the table, but we'll see how things progress. brian ?

>> chuck todd with the state of play on syria from the white house . chuck, thanks.