Nightly News   |  April 30, 2013

Carpenter ‘engulfed’ during Boston Marathon bombing

Jarrod Clowrey, a carpenter injured in the Boston bombing, told reporters what it was like to be in the middle the chaos that erupted near the finish line. Also on Tuesday, National Intelligence director James Clapper announced he has ordered a review of how all U.S. intelligence agencies handled information related to the Boston bombing suspects. NBC’s Pete Williams reports.

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>>> and now we turn back to the investigation in boston , and word tonight that the man in charge of all u.s. intelligence agencies has ordered a review of how they handled information related to these suspects in the months before the attacks, trying to determine if the u.s. missed any chance to connect the dots here. our report again tonight from nbc's pete williams .

>> reporter: the review has been ordered by james clapper , the director of national intelligence , into how the fbi and other agencies developed and shared information.

>> we want to see, is there, in fact, additional protocols and procedures that could be put in place that would further improve and enhance our ability to detect a potential attack?

>> reporter: among the questions, could more have been done to look into the background of tamerlan sar zav after the russians told the fbi and cia two years ago that he and his mother were becoming radicalized? could more follow-up have been done after he returned to the u.s. after his trip from russia and dagestan last year? as they await dna found on bomb parts, agents overseas are examining tamerlan's possible contacts with the canadian boxer who went to dagestan in 20 so a 2010 and was killed by russian security forces last july. he says his son's radicalization happened quickly.

>> always a lot of friends, girlfriends, suddenly finished. no friends. no father. no mother. only this room and pray. that's it.

>> reporter: also today, jared clowery, a carpenter injured in the bombing, recounted what happened to him after trying to jump over one of the met cal barricades when he first the first bomb explode, he was caught by the second one that went off near him and his friends.

>> and i just remember feeling engulfed, like -- and i got thrown out into the street. and just like the movies, all the sound got taken away.

>> reporter: he suffered burns on his legs and hands and was pelted with shrapnel, middled with bbs, some have yet to be removed. in a reference all new englanders would understand, e compared the quick reaction to the dexterity of a quarterback.

>> i never in all my years seen tom brady put a drive together as good as what these people were doing.

>> reporter: that goes, too, he said for friend, family and doctors.

>> no disrespect to tom brady , i love him. but he can't hold a candle to the people i just mentioned.

>> reporter: and he says he might go back to watch the marathon next year.

>> i'm not scared of crowds. i think that's part of boston and boston strong, you know.

>> as for how intelligence was handled before the bombings, president obama said today that based on what he has seen, the fbi and department of homeland security did what they were supposed to do. brian?

>> pete williams in washington. these victims continue to be remarkable people, all of them, pete, thanks.