Nightly News   |  May 01, 2013

Firemen battle wind-driven blaze

As the Santa Ana winds kick up across Southern California the gusts are fueling a blaze burning west of Palm Springs that is damaging homes and threatening many more. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>>> there is a developing story tonight in southern california . those santa ana winds that blow east to west toward the ocean, they are back and they have sparked a large wildfire now burning out of control. it's that time. it's threatening homes and tonight evacuations are under way. nbc's miguel almaguer monitoring it in los angeles . good evening.

>> reporter: brian , good evening. the santa ana winds , hot, dry winds that blow in from the desert are kicking up all across this region tonight. that blaze burning just outside of palm springs is being fuelled by winds that could top 60 miles an hour this evening. the summit fire kicked out of control this afternoon. several homes are damaged, many more threatened as the blaze races across dry terrain with the wind to its back. with more than 200 firefighters battling the flames, the fire is at 0% containment. 400 to 600 homes are impacted with limited evacuation orders in effect. today, firefighters warned of these very conditions. rising temperatures and falling humidity. this entire region is in an elevated fire danger . crews call the conditions a recipe for disaster. firefighters are throwing every resource they have at this fire right now. but tonight, brian , they are losing the battle as they face those razing, gusting winds in 80-degree temperatures, brian .

>> hot work digging fire breaks by hand. miguel almaguer tonight.