Nightly News   |  May 03, 2013

Men under 55 can skip prostate screening

After its annual meeting in San Diego, urologists recommended against screening average-risk men under 55. NBC’s Nancy Snyderman reports.

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>>> men's health is making news tonight, specifically this. prostate cancer screening , it's become a confusing mine field lately. what to do and not do and at what age. today the doctors in that specialty spoke out with new guidelines, new rules to make it easier to navigate. specifically where the psa test is concerned. our chief medical editor dr. nancy snyderman in our new york studios with the latest on this. this has been confusing.

>> it has been confusing, brian. they have made it easier today. there are over 240,000 cases of cancer of the prostate every year. that's one reason why men have been so urged to get this psa blood test . today the american urological association said that's just not good medicine. these are the changes. it's not indicated at all for men under the age of 40. for men aged 40 to 54, again no psa test. for men 55 to69, discuss it with your doctor, the risks, benefits, does it make sense? and for men over 70, no psa test. know your family history. instead of mass screening, do you have a risk factor for cancer? have you already had it? if you are african-american you are at increased risk. if you're having changes. if you can't urinate or have pain you check with your doctor. but there is routine screening of everybody, we now know it wastes money, it's not good medicine and in some cases, brian, it hurts people.

>> so make this an attempt today to make this easier.

>> that's right.

>> dr. nancy snyderman . thanks.