Nightly News   |  May 05, 2013

Deadly day in Afghanistan

U.S. troops experienced one of the single deadliest days in recent months on Saturday. NBC’s Atia Abawi reports.

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>>> now to the war the u.s. is trying to exit after almost 12 years, afghanistan, and one of the single deadliest days in recent months for american troops. nbc's atiaa butty is in kabul with the latest.

>> reporter: it is escalating as the spring offensive gets under way. on saturday eight nato service members were killed in three different incidents. seven were american and five were german. five of the americans were killed in the maiwand district in the kandahar province , a province prone to these kind of attacks. in the farah province , an afghan soldier turned his weapon on his trainers. the taliban claimed responsiblity for those shootings. so far this year there have been pfeiffer of these so-called green on blue attacks. such attacks became a deadly trend last year, killing 62. the majority of which were americans. lester?