Nightly News   |  May 07, 2013

All-women team re-roofs damaged homes

The women roofers of North Carolina say roofing is a “great way to get out frustration,” and in the process they have re-roofed more than 60 homes in North Carolina, and a handful in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>>> finally, our making a difference report tonight is about some women in north carolina who have joined together to help folks in their community and beyond. in fact, these women are bringing new meaning to the phrase "working from the top down." it's a novel idea. and nbc's stephanie gosk has tonight's "making a difference" report.

>> long time no see.

>> so good to be back.

>> reporter: back on the roof, that is.

>> i'm an investigations consultant.

>> i'm a retired teacher.

>> i'm a pharmacist.

>> reporter: their normal jobs except once a month when these ladies climb up a ladder, grab a hammer and transform into the women roofers.

>> you get a feel for it after a while. and it's a great way to get frustration out.

>> reporter: sweating it out on a roof all day is not exactly the kind of charity work one might expect from a group of southern belles .

>> occasionally, you get that raised eyebrow. they never say no. they just are intrigued that a group of women would be willing to do it.

>> reporter: but now the rotating crew have been at it for ten years. the youngest on this day is 13.

>> yeah!

>> reporter: the oldest 75. the all-women team has reroofed more than 60 homes in north carolina and a few more in mississippi after hurricane katrina . david wesley 's house had been leaking for weeks.

>> it's beautiful. it's beautiful work. and i really appreciate them.

>> reporter: the original team hardly needs skilled roofers now. a pretty tough outfit but you glam it up with the pink bandanna. i like this touch.

>> this is my girl scout touch, because i needed this when i got a drill through my finger.

>> reporter: the drill through the finger is just part of the job , along with a fair share of gossip.

>> i'm just wondering what portion of the day is business and what portion of the day is gossip? be honest.

>> it's 50-50. it's really not gossip. what is said on the roof stays on the roof.

>> reporter: and roofing is a good way to make friends.

>> while we know we're helping a family that really needs help, we're also -- it feeds something in us that wants to help other people.

>> reporter: volunteer work raised to a higher level. stephanie gosk, nbc news, forest city , north carolina .