Nightly News   |  May 09, 2013

Castro’s bail set at $8 million in kidnapping, rape case

Ariel Castro’s mother reacted to the news by asking the women who were abducted to forgive her for all of the pain they suffered. Castro’s two brothers also appeared in court Thursday on unrelated charges and were later released. NBC’s Ron Allen reports

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>>> the case in cleveland , ohio, today called the suspect, quote, a child kidnapper who operated a torture chamber and private prison in the heart of our city. today we got our first look at the suspect, ariel castro , as he made his first appearance in court. we got a better idea of what charges may be on the way and how vast this case might be. we begin again tonight with nbc's ron allen in cleveland . ron, good evening.

>> reporter: good evening to you, brian. yes, it was another very powerful day here with more on the abuse the women and children endured in the house back there. that as prosecutors said they would charge with ariel castro with everything they can for every crime he allegedly committed as castro made his first appearance in court.

>> ariel castro .

>> reporter: for the first time since his arrest the public saw 52-year-old ariel castro . the former school bus driver accused of an unimaginable crime.

>> to ensure justice is served .

>> reporter: he stared at the floor, said nothing, handcuffed as prosecutors explained how he imprisoned three women and a child for nearly a decade in terrifying, brutal conditions.

>> mr. castro stands before you a captive.

>> reporter: the formal charges , three counts of rape. the victims, amanda berry, now 27, gina dejesus, 22, and michelle knight, 32. four counts of kidnapping, the three women and berry's 6-year-old daughter, born and held in captivity. the judge set bail at $8 million. today castro 's mother in florida reacted.

>> translator: i asked that those mothers forgive me and those girls forgive me for the pain they suffered.

>> reporter: castro 's brothers pedro and onil arrested with him appeared on court on unrelated misdemeanor charges and were released.

>> the other two brothers have not been charged with anything in connection with this case.

>> reporter: late today wkyc tom mire reported that police told him castro confessed to the kidnappings.

>> ariel castro said he's cold blooded , a sex addict , can't control himself, that the crimes were crimes of opportunity. he's blaming this on the girls. he said, if the girls didn't get in the car with him, none of this would have happened.

>> this might be for real.

>> reporter: police released dispatch recordings of officers arriving at the house following the 911 calls.

>> we found 'em. we found 'em.

>> reporter: meanwhile we are learning more about what it was like inside the house where the women were found. ricky sanchez , a friend, says he's been there many times before.

>> the front door, there were five or six locks. the inside the house, when you walked inside the house, it's a mess.

>> reporter: though michelle knight remains in the hospital, today two of the rescued women -- berry and dejesus -- are with family and friends behind closed doors decorated with banners, balloons and gifts.

>> she was really, really underweight. you could tell there was a lot of suffering. just trying to get her to move on with her life and start thinking about happy times .

>> reporter: also this evening, another community vigil is planned to support the women. and a fund has been set up. the cleveland courage fund to help them and their families. brian?

>> ron allen starting us off again tonight.