Nightly News   |  May 09, 2013

Boy, 6, helps raise $200,000 for sick friend

Best friends Jonah and Dylan have a special bond, especially now that they’ve raised more money for Jonah’s medical condition than any institution has been able to do. NBC’s Chelsea Clinton reports.

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>>> our making a difference report tonight is about two young friends, one of whom is facing a challenge. working together they have accomplished something that would be remarkable for any grown-up, never mind a 6-year-old. our report comes from nbc's chelsea clinton in los angeles .

>> reporter: this is a story about best friends . jonah has a rare genetic disease . dylan is his good friend.

>> really, really good friends.

>> no, we're not really, really good friends. we are really, really, really good friends.

>> reporter: jonah has gsd. glycogen storage disease type 1-b.

>> >> if the weather is hot blood sugar crops . if they play too much his blood sugar drops.

>> reporter: ten times a day he has his blood sugar checked. his only treatment --

>> just corn starch that you buy at a regular supermarket. this keepses my son alive.

>> reporter: every three hours jonah is fed corn starch through a tube. gsd has no cure. so best buddy dylan wrote a book to help find one.

>> that is a chocolate bar !

>> reporter: that's the boy's code word for the coolest, the best, the most awesome. they sold the book first at the local school fair. then " chocolate bar " went national.

>> we had to do another printing. people wanted to be a part of the magic.

>> they think the friendship is amazing. they are rooting for jonah .

>> we have this amazing child who has taught us a lot about life. i mean, there is a reason he's here. i think he's my hero.

>> reporter: " chocolate bar " raised $200,000 for research.

>> when i entered the field there was little hope for these children. with this help we'll make the next step and find a cure.

>> reporter: that's dylan 's goal. $1 million to find a cure.

>> how unbelievable would that be in a 6-year-old could help cure a rare disease ?

>> i like to help my friend. that is the biggest chocolate bar .

>> reporter: chelsea clinton , nbc news, los angeles .