Nightly News   |  May 10, 2013

White House under fire for IRS admission

Republicans went on the attack Friday, devoting more time to the IRS admission that agents had targeted conservative groups than Benghazi. NBC’s Chuck Todd reports.

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>>> chuck todd is our chief white house correspondent and political correspondent. benghazi continues to blow up around them. it's not like the irs has fans already. people do not like hearing the whiff of it being used for political purposes.

>> reporter: no. it harkens back to a nixonian-type political tactic in the white house . obviously realizing, particularly on a day like this that it looks doubly bad when they are already taking a lot of incoming political fire. they insist that this was rogue agents, if you will, in one office potentially. and that an investigation will come clear. i can tell you, brian, republicans spent more time beating up the white house today on the irs actually than they did on benghazi . but the point on the benghazi thing and the political fallout is clear. this is still hitting the state department and more specifically hillary clinton 's state department . obviously somebody that may end up running for president. that's where you see the political fire. that's where you see the aim. what the white house was trying to say today and what they were implying is they were simply being a mediator between what andrea described as the knife fight between the state department and the cia. the remaining unanswered questions seem to revolve around what exactly was the state department upset about in the various talking points. those conversations ended. the e-mail chain stopped at some point. the white house put an end to the e-mail chain. none of that is on the record or in print.

>> chuck todd at the white house on a friday night. chuck, thanks.

>>> there will be much more on this, benghazi in particular, on "meet the press" this sunday. david gregory 's guests include darrell isa and dianne feinstein sunday on this nbc station.