Nightly News   |  May 10, 2013

Is Ariel Castro connected to other missing women?

The FBI is continuing to investigate the disappearance of Ashley Summers, who went missing at 14 in the same area where Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were abducted. In an exclusive interview with NBC’s Kate Snow, Ashley Summers’ mother said “it’s been a restless week.”

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>>> in cleveland tonight, the last of the three young women who escaped after a decade being held prisoner inside a home have now left the hospital. michelle knight released a statement thanking the community and asking for her privacy. meantime the investigation there continues including a new look at the disappearance of dozens of other women in the area nearby. we get our report tonight from nbc 's kate snow in cleveland .

>> reporter: a tall fence went up today around the home prosecutors refer to as a torture chamber as investigators continued their painstaking work. ariel castro is accused of horrific crimes. but today the ohio attorney general said his dna didn't match any other outstanding cases in ohio but it did prove castro is the father of the 6-year-old girl who fled the home monday with her captive mother amanda berry.

>> she's a cutie.

>> reporter: special agent vicky anderson spent time with her this week.

>> there were no play mates. there was nothing. maybe he did take her out to burger king and mcdonald's and out for certain treats or whatever. but there were no regular interactions with people.

>> reporter: for dozens of families in cleveland what happened this week is providing new hope. 34 teens and young women have gone missing within ten miles of castro 's house over the past six years, including ashley summers. she disappeared at 14 in the same area where berry, dejesus and knight were abducted. her mother jennifer spoke exclusively to nbc news.

>> it's been a restless week. you know, my heart's been restless. i have been feeling all kinds of emotions. happy for the girls that were found. very sad that it wasn't my daughter. wondering when it's going to be her turn.

>> reporter: the fbi is looking to see if there might be a connection to ariel castro .

>> we have not found anything regarding ariel castro to this point that leads us to believe that he had anything to do with ashley . at this point. now maybe that becomes uncovered later. we just don't know yet.

>> reporter: are you looking?

>> absolutely. everybody is aware. if you hear ashley summers's name, let's get on that immediately. everybody has been looking.

>> reporter: hoping maybe this long week will lead to other clues for families still waiting. kate snow , nbc news, cleveland .