Nightly News   |  May 13, 2013

Prince Harry bonds with combat veterans

Over the weekend Prince Harry participated in the Warrior Games, a Paralympic-style competition organized by the Department of Defense and the U.S. Olympic Committee. NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

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>>> finally tonight, prince harry is about halfway through his trip to the u.s. those who watched him with combat veterans this weekend saw something special. a fellow veteran with a natural affinity for those who served and sacrificed on the battlefield. our report tonight from mike taibbi in colorado springs .

>> reporter: he was a prince at play here in a city volleyball match with wounded vets like marine corporal george salazar seeing him the way he sees himself, as just one of the guys.

>> he was into it. he really was. pushed me at the end, but i pushed him back.

>> reporter: it wasn't just a weekend of games for the 28-year-old prince. for as captain harry wales , a combat helicopter pilot with two hard tours in afghanistan on his resum?, he's embraced the cause of the men and woim who have gone to battle. and when the battle has all but taken them down have fought in these ways to reclaim their lives.

>> courage is clear and obvious from the moment of injury through countless hours of intense rehab.

>> reporter: so he was here, the last man in the torch relay , the host at the finish line handing out medals and even some kisses. and a determined cheerleader in the fourth year of these games. seven paralympic-style sports for some 260 athletes from all five u.s. service branches and this year a team from the uk. for scott palomino who lost a foot to an ied, as the chance to make his point.

>> i'm still out there doing what i love to do.

>> reporter: for salazar, it's about the look his 2-year-old son gave him when he first left his wheelchair for his two prosthetic legs.

>> i got up on my legs and he turned and goes like this and just starts screaming with excitement.

>> reporter: a weekend about soldiers including captain harry wales , all of them still in the fight. mike taibbi , nbc news snews,