Nightly News   |  May 14, 2013

Outrage at White House over IRS actions

‘Meet the Press’ moderator David Gregory discusses the IRS admission that it had singled out conservative groups, saying there’s frustration more wasn’t done in the Treasury Department to deal with the issue, and people want to know what the president can do right away to take tough action.

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>>> let's talk with moderator of "meet the press" david gregory , also in our d.c. bureau. david it's a lot, especially when you begin with benghazi, move on into the irs and now ap/fbi. i looked up in the cable coverage this afternoon was asking is this the curse of a second term?

>> well, there's some of that and this is a trifecta that really goes to the president's trust, that goes to the economy of incompetence within the administration. the irs as stands up to advisers i've talked to in the white house to outside allies to the president they say they is so egregious, something has to be done. there's frustration i can tell you within the administration that more was not done within the treasury department to deal with this more quickly and this outrage that is being directed toward the white house would like to be reciprocated, but some advisers tell me there are limits to what the president can do right away to start firing people, for one. the irs is insulated in a way. why? to protect against the political interference that they say was, in fact, running amuck within the agency, so there's going to be more calls from the administration, the white house in particular, to take some real tough action here and to be less cautious in the face of all of these issues hitting them at once, brian.

>> david gregory on some of the topics we'll be hearing more about this sunday morning, david, thanks.