Nightly News   |  May 15, 2013

Holder promises national IRS probe

A great deal of what IRS has said regarding the targeting controversy was proven to be incomplete or flat out wrong prompting genuine outrage among both Democrats and Republicans. House Speaker John Boehner is now asking who is going to go to jail over this as the IRS continues to blame targeting of conservatives on a few rogue employees. Now Attorney General Holder has promised an investigation to see if IRS employees broke the law. NBC’s Lisa Myers reports.

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>> our senior correspondent has been looking into this. the irs not a popular agency already. their job is to take our money, collect taxes. people hate the thought that it is being used for political purposes. conjures up for some of us all kinds of bad memories. question to you is how deep do you think this goes? what came out today?

>> well, i suspect we are just getting started on this. too much of what the irs initially told us was incomplete or has proven to be wrong. i think the republicans will be emboldened now that the irs commissioner has been forced out. house speaker john boehner began the day today saying he believed that laws were broken. he said, my question isn't who is going to resign. my question is who is going to jail over this scandal? now the irs continues to blame the targeting of conservatives on a few rogue employeeses in the cincinnati office which handless applications for tax exempt status . sources say the irs commissioner told them two employeeses there have been disciplined. but a veteran lawyer told us today that this problem was not limited to cincinnati , that her clients who were also targeted received letters as well from california and even from washington, d.c. now, the attorney general has tried to take the initiative by promising congress a nationwide investigation to see if employees broke the law.

>> is your investigation going to go beyond cincinnati , beyond ohio? is it going to be a national investigation?

>> yes, it would. the facts will take us wherever they take us. it will not be only one city. we'll go wherever the facts lead us. this is something that we will base -- at least at the beginning stages we are basing it in washington. and that way i think we can have a better impact nationwide.

>> brian, at last count we have four congressional investigations.

>> lisa, we keep hearing cincinnati in connection with the irs . correct me if i'm wrong. that is because if you apply for tax-free status, the mail you send to the irs , that application goes to their cincinnati office, correct?

>> you're absolutely correct. in fact, that is the main office for handling applications for tax exempt status . there are other offices that may have tangential involvement and certainly headquarters has some say, but most of the action occurs there in cincinnati .

>> all right. lisa myers in our d.c. newsroom. lisa, thanks.